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Welcome to Reloved Furniture Gozo!

Reloved Furniture Gozo is a small family business located on the tiny island of Gozo, which is the sister island of Malta, right in the middle of the majestic Mediterranean. Me and my husband have been living here for quite a few years, and have made the mediterranean lifestlye our own. The plenty of sunshine and the nearness of the beautiful sea gives enough inspiration to any artistic minded people – like us.

As for me, all in my life I’ve loved doing different crafts and arts. I tried myself in many different areas during the years, but whatever I did and whereever I lived one thing I could never miss: creative, artistic activity, let it be a craft, or writing. I’ve always liket to learn new things – and this is how a while ago I fell in love with refurbishing old furnitures – so much that I simply can’t stop making it. I simply love the whole process, how an old and maybe little bit boring piece step by step comes to life again with each and every brushstroke. Yes, I said ’boring’, because life is changing, the world is changing, and those old but precious family furnitures sometimes simply do not fit into today’s interiors anymore. But it would be such a shame just to waste those treasures! With paint, brush and imagination they can be redesigned and reloved again for many years to come.

One of my main principles in this creative job is that I work with solid wood furnitures only. I very-very rarely am willing to make exceptions. I believe that only solid timber represents long lasting quality and real value. And basically this is my first goal – to salvage treasures for the newer generations.

At the beginning I considered it only as a hobby, but recently time has arrived to make it a small family business, doing it together with my husband, who is a professional carpenter with many years of experience. So we are perfect compliments for each other in this work (just as in many other areas of life) – he is giving the furnitures the needed structural restoration and any needed woorwork, then I can come with my brush and paint.
We’re glad you’ve found us, please browse our website, have a look at the pieces we’ve done so far, or read details about the techniques and materials we work with. Hope you’ll find here what you are looking for, let it be some inspiration for your home, a new colour idea, or a new piece of furniture.

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Thank you for stopping by!

Adrienn & Abel Bartolich
Malta, Gozo